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Fredonian Republics REBOOT (iPad Idea #12) by DaFreak47 Fredonian Republics REBOOT (iPad Idea #12) by DaFreak47
I am testing the boundary of how much I can accomplish using my iPad. I didn't do a whole lot of research so the background is pretty sketchy.

-The Battle of Saratoga ends in defeat for the Continental Army and the French end their unofficial support for the revolution. Within a few years, all major cities in the 13 Colonies were occupied by the British and the American forces were unable to match them in numbers or ammunition.

-In a final attempt to conserve liberty, Washington and the Founding Fathers called for the mass migration of all rebel forces, family members, and sympathizers into the wilderness across the Appalachian Mountains to escape King George's tyranny. They bring as much food, supplies, guns, and live stock as they can at one time. As much as 60% of the population of the east coast departed in numbers too large for the British to stop.

-Rebel forces from the southern colonies of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia settled in the Appalachian Mountains. To bring harmony to the chaos, military leaders met in Boonesborough to establish a government capable of organizing a civilian army and fending off continued British incursions. After numerous British attacks, the seat of government was moved to Frank's Ford, farther away from the British border.

-Rebel forces from the middle colonies of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey settled in the Ohio Valley. Rebel forces from the northern colonies of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire settled in the Ontario region. Being followed by British forces, leaders from both groups met in Detroit, a growing frontier town between the both of them. The town grew quickly and was renamed Washington in honor of the general, who also happened to be a influential leader and mediator with his kinsmen in the Appalachians.  

-Although the British Empire never officially recognized the independence of the republics, the cost of fighting a guerrilla war in unknown,mountainous terrain with defenseless supply lines and a hostile population proved too much. A border was established and and troops were pulled out of the majority of forts within their territory.

-On half a dozen occasions the British invaded the republic, a couple times even succeeding in annexing them, but after every attempt the population would rise up again and expel the British forces.


Capital: Washington City (Detroit)

Largest City: Chicago

Demonym: American, Transohian

Economy: Fur trading is the most lucrative business, but hunting, farming, and mining are also common. Smuggling is very common as manufactured goods are sneaked across the Pennsylvania border by sympathetic Tory merchants and down the St. Lawrence River by rebellious Quebecois. The majority of weapons and ammunition are smuggled across the Mississippi River by Spanish merchants in New Spain who trade them for furs. St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Montreal are major cities for smuggling and fur trade.

Government: Despite its federal system, there is a strong national government and little autonomy among the states. The executive is called the Consul and serves unlimited 5 years terms.

Population: 45% English   10% Scottish   15% Irish   25% German   5% Native Americam

States: Washington (Chillicothe), Saratoga (Saratogapolis), Polypotamia (Kaskaskia), Miamia (Fort Wayne), Illinoia (Chicago), Michigania (Fitchburg), Sylvania (Sault St. Marie), Huronia (Saginaw), Superior (North Sault), and Ontario (Yorksborough)

Extra Notes:
-Although called the American Republic, its inhabitants have come to refer to the country as "Transohio" to separate themselves from the Americans that settled in the Appalachians, who they see as less civilized and less democratic.
-Most of the country's trade relies on its connection to the St. Lawrence and Mississippi Rivers.


Capital: Frank's Ford (Fankfurt)

Largest City: Boonesborough

Demonym: Appalachian, Boone

Economy: Fur trading is the most lucrative business, but hunting, farming, and mining are also common. Smuggling is very common as manufactured goods are sneaked across the Virginian and North Carolinian borders by sympathetic Tory merchants and Native American traders.  The majority of weapons and ammunition are brought across the Ohio River from its ally the American Republic. There is free trade between Appalachia and Trans-Ohio so that Appalachia is not isolated from Spanish trade along the Mississippi River.

Government: Its federal system of government ensures that the states have the ultimate say in government and act autonomously from the weak central government. The governments in Frank's Ford only has power over the military and placing taxes to sustain the military. The executive is called the consul, who also serves as the head of war, and serves lifetime terms unless impeached by the states.

Population: 35% English   20%% Scottish   30% Irish   13% German   2% Native American

States: Vandalia (Randolph), Franklin/Frankland (Greeneville), Transylvania (Boonesborough), and Tennessee (Murfreesboro)

Extra Notes: 
-Vandalia and Transylvania are mostly populated by Virginians and Marylanders who distinguish themselves from the Carolinians and Georgians who settled in Franklin and Tennessee.
-Tennessee and Franklin are always being raided by Cherokee and Chickasaw warriors supplied by the British. The Cherokee are especially vicious due to the fact that Appalachia took over 80% of their land.

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Xanthoc Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So why didn't the two rebel states unite? I understand cultural and political differences (namely Federalism versus Confederationism) but if it were such a do or die situation for the rebels, it would seem logical that they might try to stick together.

Great map btw, and I do like the setting.
DaFreak47 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the compliment. 

In this timeline, the two Fredonian republics have a close, if not strained relationship. While they do share a common history of rebellion, and an equal hatred for the British Empire, they have little else in common. The colonials who migrated westward into what would become the American Republic were mainly from the Middle and New England colonies, which had very different societies and cultures from their southern colonial neighbors prior to 1776. After the revolution's initial failure and the "Great March", the cultural differences were only amplified by the isolation and unique situation. While there were multiple attempts to unite the two republics, both voluntarily and by force during times of British occupation in their later years, ideological differences always seemed to lead to the same conclusion. While the Transohians were more open to the idea of uniting with Appalachia, which would increase its total land area, population, access to natural resources, and fighting force, they couldn't help but feel superior to their southern neighbors, who often lived in utter poverty and still practiced the dreadful institution of slavery. For the Boone, the idea of being "annexed" by the American Republic only looked appealing when times were at their hardest; when the Indian raids and British attacks were at their worst, but when the shots stopped firing they never could help but think that they were being looked down upon by their northern neighbors. Ultimately, the differences in culture and ideology were just too much. 
Xanthoc Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's believable, and understandable. Afterall, if it wasn't for the inability of the colonies to settle land claims on their own, we probably wouldn't even have had the Articles of Confederation, and that was during the war. I suppose if we had truly lost, and been forced to live frontier-style, most likely without much communication for a few years, unity between Northern and Sub-Chesapeake cultures would be something only thought of, never done.
NomadicSky Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
wow just wow. I'd like to see the final outcome of this world, I think this one actually exist in a parallel universe.
NomadicSky Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Australia might well end up Dutch or divided between them and the French.
DaFreak47 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thats my hope! I really like the idea, although I haven't put any thought into what's happening elsewhere in the world.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
My guess is that Ben Franklin's supporters decided to make a new country for themselves?
DaFreak47 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Not exactly. I just wrote a description.
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Well, I'll just check it out then. ^^;
DaFreak47 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Do that and tell me what you think I need to fix
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